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Malicious Software Warning and Solution

Over the last several months I have experienced the same virus many times that is disguised with names that appear to be a windows system program or anti virus. The various names used by the virus that I have encountered so far are "Anti-virus 2009", "Anti-Virus 2008", "Anti-Virus 2007", and just the other day "malware defender 2009". For a while Spybot - Search & Destroy was able to remove most of the problems associated with the virus but the last few attempts at using Spybot were unsuccessful. The virus gets into your registry and every time you try to close the program down it starts itself back up.

The solution that I tried on my last bout with this menace was Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and it worked brilliantly. The scan took almost four hours and the program kept showing it's ugly head which made me leery about Malwarebytes being able to do anything that the other systems I have used couldn't, and I was shocked to find the problem completely gone after restarting the computer.

The most efficient way to get rid of these problems is always avoiding them in the first place. Do not download software from unknown sites, keep your computer up to date, and stay away from any adult material on the web and you will have the best chance of having a working computer for years to come, but if you do fall victim to Malware, back up all of your data immediately, do research on google for solutions that have worked for others.

If you are uncomfortable addressing the problem or unable to find a solution, contact a professional. There are several things to verify with the technician you have chosen before they work on your system.

If your business is in need of IT services and you are located in NY (Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess Counties), Connecticut (Fairfield County) or Massachusetts (Greater Boston Area) I would recommend They have the knowledge, experience and equipment to tackle any job combined with the communication skills to understand your needs and translate them into a solution.

Search Engine Optimization

I am composing a list of Web Sites that should be utilized in the SEO process. In addition to these sites, building quality links back to your site shows search engines the importance of your site. It is important not to be passive in the process of building links if you are serious about Search Engine Optimization. Contacting web administrators to request a link swapping is use full, but I would recommend that you start the conversation about their work/site or even why the swap would be help full to them. Besides the time they would take to put the link in the code, they would also be taking the time to look into you Web Page, so giving them an idea of what they are getting into instead of just writing and asking to swap links will give you a better chance of having your email read.

I made a simple template to follow for anyone who does not know how to create a sitemap for search engine submission already. I recommend making your own for two reasons. First it will give you better control over what goes into your sitemap and what doesn't. Until recently I was using a sitemap generator from and when I was trying to figure out why I had tons on clicks in a "/tinc" folder it was because they put any dynamic data you may generate from them into the sitemap, which is then searched and people can access that without going to your site. Second reason is that you will learn search engine optimization and efficient GUI design through manual creation of site maps instead of atomizing it with a service.

Sitemap Template txt - simply open text file up, insert your own URL's, change the priority, the higher numbers for more important pages. Change the date modified to the last date that each page was, search engines generally give higher ratings to sites that are updated often. Save the the file as "sitemap.xml", upload it to your server and submit it to google using google webmaster tools.

List of Social Networking Sites and Web Page Directories to build links and traffic


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