Making Technology worth living with.

I started WebSWR with the hopes of making affordable web pages in a tough economic time so that businesses could increase their exposure to new customers, through information pages, online menus, online & map searches. In the process of learning efficiency in design, I've learned tricks and tools that enable me to offer web pages that are dynamic, interactive, and even easily updated by you at an affordable price.

Tough economic times require a New Approach to business

There is an economic way to reach the business contacts needed to grow your business during these tough economic times. The Internet provides access to untold numbers of potential customers looking for a reliable cost effective solution, and vendors who can offer you the same to fill your needs.

One mistake businesses often make during tough economic times it to limit IT expenses. While it is important to manage expenses and stop any unnecessary spending the data on your systems must be secure and your business needs technology to run smoothly. Without proper upkeep and data protection computer crashes will cause a much higher cost than the maintenance that was avoided to save money.

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